As vocational education is a major milestone in life, selective promotion is incredibly important to us. We have been successfully training apprentices in the professions businessman/-woman in wholesale and export trade for years. We offer targeted care and pay great attention to their business training, as it is highly important to us to ensure a solid basis for their future.

All apprentices will be presented the opportunity to actively participate in business operations and thereby broaden their responsible conduct and their entrepreneurial thinking. Furthermore, at an early stage, they will be given the possibility to collaborate in projects and the freedom to independently work on tasks to enlarge their knowledge.

Requirements as a businessman/-woman in wholesale and export trade:

  • Support of customers, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Processing of offers
  • Procurement of goods
  • Disposal of goods to commerce, trade and industry
  • Monitoring of on-schedule deliveries

As a company providing vocational training, we take it for granted to not only convey the necessary skills, attainments and abilities, but also to provide a socially comfortable environment.

We set ourselves the aim to enable our apprentices the best possible start into their professional lives.