Our company

Our company, ACI - Air Center International GmbH - short: ACI, was established on the 17 of September, 2008. The main focus of ACI lies on the generation and treatment of compressed air. Despite the enterprise being so young, the team can proudly look back on more than 30 years of technical experience, and therefore are pleased to answer all your questions concerning the compression business. As a non-proprietary wholesale enterprise, we always have the opportunity to take interest in fulfilling every customized requirement.

Thus, we offer compressors, compressor spare parts, compressed air dyers, and filtration products with all common technologies, either especially suited to your requirements or as spare parts. For this purpose we are in direct contact with all the major reputable suppliers and several „niche manufacturers“.

As a core competence we offer our customers the opportunity to fully manage their component design. You as a compressor constructor tell us which volume flow at which pressure is required. We then construe the suitable components and guarantee that the construction will be the most ideal solution for your application.

Since 2011 we have successfully been delivering components for portable drilling rigs to diverse countries worldwide.

Later in 2012, a milestone in the field of component design was achieved as we led the development of our CAFS-Systems (Compressed Air Foam System) to production maturity. Meanwhile, our system has successfully been installed into fire-fighting vehicles of various manufacturers.

Also in 2012, we received our „authorized distributor status“ from the company Alfa Laval for various heat exchangers. Thus, in this regard, we are at your disposal for consultation, calculation and optimization.

In 2014 our sister company was established in Poland. Just like ACI in Germany, our sister company has got its own storage warehouse in Poland.

Ever since the company came into existence, we have been operating with over 500 customers in over 55 countries on five continents. Therefore, we are professionally steering “the import/export ship” through the deep waters of custom issues and import/export documents - with over 45 years of overall business experience.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any related needs.