Condensate drains

Contaminants like dust, lubricant and rust can infiltrate an air system, but are, ideally, separated and filtered out. To ensure this, condensate drains must operate properly for the filters and separators to be successful in carrying out their tasks.

Therefore, they are key components for system reliability and efficiency.

If a drain fails to eject all the collected condensate, water and oil will collect, negatively affect the efficiency of the filters and allow further damage to the whole system.

We offer condensate drains within the capacity range of 4m³/min up to 1700m³/min to meet the expectations of our customers.

  • High reliability
  • Limited pressure losses
  • Resistant to all compressor oils
  • Additional sieve
  • Alarm signal in case of malfunction
  • Simple performance test
  • Low costs of installation and maintenance service


                        Timer Controlled Condensate Drain                                                                          Level Controlled Condensate Drain