Compressed Air Treatment

The compressed air used in industrial applications contains various impurities such as vapors, dust or liquids. Among the most of the impurities are water vapors. Condensing vapors can cause corrosion which can damage parts of the compressed air installation and lead to production interruptions. As a result higher operating costs occur owing to machinery failures. Any well-functioning compressed air installation should include a properly dimensioned system for the treatment of compressed air.

Please note that the design of the compressed air dryers follows from the German industry standard operating conditions DIN ISO 7183. If temperatures and pressures deviate from this norm, please contact us. On the basis of correction factors determined by the manufacturer we will then determine the correct size of the required compressed air dryer.

Our product range includes inter alia:

  • Refrigeration dryers in the range of 0,3 to 200 m³/min.; dew point +3°C
  • High temperature refrigeration dryers up to 90°C inlet temperature. Power range 0,43-2,95 m³/min. Dew point +3°C
  • Heatless desiccant and heat regenerated desiccant dryers in the range of 0,15-340 m³/min. Dew point up to -70°C
  • Membrane dryers in the range of 0,043-1,88m³/min. Dew point up to -40°C
  • Filters and filter elements – also available for competitive products like Donaldson (Donaldson Filtration Deutschland GmbH) and others